Material Accounting

Comprehensive Manufacturing Costs and Property Management.

Dassian’s material accounting solution takes manufacturing costs down to the part-level and tracks property throughout your enterprise’s business processes. When you need detailed data, we deliver.

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Detail and Control.

Taking Material Accounting to the Next Level.

Dassian’s material accounting solutions are designed to provide you accurate, detailed insight into actual manufacturing costs, as well as help you manage and control property throughout your contract and across integrated business processes.

Tracking Materials.

Precise, Detailed, and Efficient Information. 

Keeping up with materials and their costs is essential at the project as well as program level for determining pricing and making other business decisions. Our product actual costing and estimating solution helps you get the most accurate manufacturing cost data — down to the part level – to improve cost-control and pricing functions by product and project. With the enterprise-wide view provided by our property management solution, you’ll spend less time and effort maintaining critical information. 

Our Material Accounting Solutions. 

At the Project and Program Level, Our Solutions Provide the Data Necessary for Good Decisions.

Accurate, Detailed Insight into Actual Costs

Our product actual costing and estimating solution extends and enhances SAP’s grouping, pegging, and distribution (GPD) tool. With part-level details, you can keep track of real manufacturing costs and make better decisions about pricing changes.

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Enterprise-wide Tracking and Control of Property

Dassian’s property management solution keeps track of property as it traverses business processes and contract lifecycles. Our solution also provides an enterprise-wide view for management and control.

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Get the Data You Need

Whether its accurate manufacturing costs or details on property management, Dassian’s material accounting solutions provide you with the data you need to track project success and make better decisions about future contracts.

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Labor Costs

Just as manufacturing costs are important, so are labor costs. Dassian’s actual labor costing solution helps you calculate a truer employee labor rate through tracking direct as well as premium and fringe labor costs.

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