Consulting Services That Extend Your Investment.

Want your digital transformation to result in true business change? Our implementation, strategy consulting, and co-innovation services can help ensure you get the most from your SAP and Dassian investments. 

Expanding the Power of Our Solutions to Create Business Change. 

Through our consulting services, you get access to Dassian’s deep industry knowledge as well as our strategy, development, and implementation skills. Our consulting services take our business transforming solutions suite a step further and help you realize opportunities and reimagine your future. Here’s how: 

Industry Expertise 

As well as our specialists, we team with partners who deliver an incomparable level of industry knowledge.

Smooth Transformation 

Experience efficient transition as we help you move from a brittle legacy system to cross-functional business processes.

Technical Know-How 

No one knows our end-to-end, industry-specific solutions suite like we do.

Future Direction 

From a technical, industry, and operational standpoint, we’ll help you continue to transform and grow.

Digital Transformation

Unlock Your Full Digital Potential

Dassian digitally transforms businesses to become more agile through a continuous flow of digital project and contract information. Our suite of solutions simplify business processes through efficient information sharing across organizations. 

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Compliance & Risk Management

A Simplified Approach to Compliance

Reduce the risk of costly legal issues when you eliminate data silos. By connecting all your systems, Dassian’s solutions help you manage and navigate complex regulations. 

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Innovation Management Services

Drive your business forward with IMS

Maximize the benefits of your solution with our Innovation Management Services (IMS). From implementation to long-term innovation, we help you think bigger and perform smarter the whole way through. 

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Systems Integration

Connect All Systems into a Single Source of Truth

Streamline project and contract management processes with an end-to-end solution that brings more value without requiring any custom coding.

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Implementation Services 

We Are Solutions Implementors Rather Than Systems Integrators

We don’t just integrate software. We provide solutions. Our implementation services go beyond architectural capabilities and bring in industry partners to help smooth the transition to new business processes. 

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Strategic Services 

Maximize the Business Benefits of Dassian’s Solutions.

With their deep industry knowledge and Dassian solutions expertise, our strategic consultants work more closely with customers to focus on business challenges and create solutions for today and the future. 

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Co-Innovation Services 

When You Need More Than Off-the-Shelf Software.

If your code is aging but an out-of-the-box program won’t fit your needs, Dassian’s co-innovation services can help. We partner with you and combine our solutions suite and deep industry knowledge with our development capabilities to create a unique solution for your company. 

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Consulting Services to Add to Your Experience

Our consulting services take your investment to the next level so you can truly realize digital business transformation.

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No One Knows Project-Centric and Regulated Businesses Like We Do

Our deep knowledge and experience in the public sector and adjacent industries sets us apart.

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