Oil & Gas

Transforming Oil and Gas Enterprises.

Raft with complex contracts, large capital investments, and political challenges, the oil and gas industry is at the crux of change. Our integrated suite of solutions is primed to digitally transform these companies. 

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From Costing to Risk 

Adopting Change Amidst Complex Industry and Business Challenges.

Our integrated suite with its singular digital thread and end-to-end solutions helps streamline operations in an industry that characteristically requires large capital investments to meet long-term and complex projects. At the same time, these companies face significantly more risk than many other industries – from costs of cleanup efforts to explosions on site. Our integrated approach across business functions leads to better project management, costing, and risk management, and ultimately total digital business transformation. 

External and Intrinsic Challenges 

Improving Efficiencies and Profitability as Industry Alters. 

The oil and gas industry faces significant challenges in the next several years, from environmental accountability to competition from alternative fuel sources. As governments support efforts to minimize fossil fuel usage and grow use of new energy sources, companies in the oil and gas industry will need to be more profitable and efficient to survive. Add to the external moves the intrinsic risk found in the industry that is not typical of other fields. The oil and gas industry is ripe for digital business transformation achieved through our integrated suite and singular digital thread. 

Change Is Good

Creating Opportunity for Operational Change
Through Digital Business Transformation.

Risk Management Across Business Processes

Risk plays a large factor for this industry – from potential fires and explosions on site, to worker deaths, to earthquakes from fracking, to large investment in non-producing locations. Our integrated solutions suite is designed to help oil and gas companies manage risk across both a project and the enterprise, as well as to achieve digital business transformation for long-term success. 

Faster, Better Information for Decision Making

Better cost control, risk management, and contract management result from adopting our interface suite of solutions. Our single digital thread across business processes leads to better information in real time, so you can make more informed and effective decisions as well as assess operational changes for more efficiency and profitability in the long run. 

Business Transformation for Oil and Gas Companies

Let our integrated solutions suite help your oil or gas enterprise achieve true digital business transformation. 

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Our Integrated Suite Is Your Source for Success

Our integrated solutions across business processes are the keys to transforming your business for the digital age. 

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