Pillar: Managerial Accounting

True Labor Costs for Better Profitability Now and in the Future.

Knowing your true employee labor rate isn’t just important for determining the real profitability of your current contracts. It is also vital information to have when bidding for and securing future projects. Labor costs that are forgotten in a bid or have never been accounted for in a project can sabotage your profits. As part of Dassian’s integrated suite, our actual labor costing solution helps you calculate a true employee labor cost that incorporates all costs, direct and fringe. 

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More than Wages 

Capturing All Labor Costs for Improved Analytics and Profitability. 

As part of our integrated suite, the actual labor costing solution accounts for direct and fringe costs. Premium charges like overtime are reclaimed and billed to clients according to contract specifications, such as by day, country-specific rules, or cost objective. Even uncompensated overtime for salaried employees can be recorded, valued, and accounted for in our total-time labor accounting solution. 

Works with Your Payroll System 

Flexibility to Meet Your Client’s and Accounting Department’s Needs.

The actual labor costing solution is flexible enough to support the specific requirements of multiple contracts and clients, including contract-specific labor and burden rates. At the same time, it can work with SAP and non-SAP payroll systems, and support retroactive payroll changes, off-cycle payroll, and other adjustments. It ensures all payroll expenses by employee are fully allocated, absorbed, and tied back to time-card charge numbers for each pay period. 

Solving the Labor Cost Puzzle.

Accurate labor costs are only one part of ensuring a contract is profitable. Learn more about how our integrated solutions suite can help overall. 

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