Pillar: Material Accounting & Logistics

Automated and Simplified Property Management and Control.

Precise property management is an essential requirement of working with the public sector. Within Dassian’s integrated suite of solutions, our property management solution tracks property as it traverses business processes and contract lifecycles. With our solution, you get a project- and enterprise-wide view for property management and control. Our solution extends SAP and provides automated updates to vital property records. 

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Eliminate Redundancies 

Single Data-Entry Point Suffices Across the Enterprise. 

With our integrated property management solution, a single data-entry point captures property details and eliminates costly double-entry required with outdated custom or interface systems. Our solution also integrates property management for contracts, procurement, manufacturing, and other business processes on an enterprise-wide scale.   

Property Management 

Meeting Demands of Complex Public-Sector Contracts.

Dassian’s property management solution provides real-time, quality data. Integrated with SAP and our other solutions, you get enhanced management and control capabilities for government, public sector, defense, aerospace, and other contracts that require precise property tracking. Whether you’re keeping up with a part or piece of larger equipment, our solution allows you to administer, monitor, and manage the asset per contract requirements. 

Maintaining Critical Attributes for Property Management.

Dassian’s property management solution provides an efficient way to keep track of property throughout your enterprise, meeting complex public sector contract requirements. 

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