Contract Management

Designed with Complex Contracts in Mind.

From contract creation to close-out and performance evaluation, Dassian’s contract management solutions are designed to get you better information faster so you can optimize complex projects throughout their life cycle. 

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Automated and Real-Time.

Providing Accurate and On-Time Information.

Our contract management solutions focus on simplifying and automating two key areas of contract management: 

    • Contracts and project billing (COPB) — manage multifaceted contracts and their intricate details
    • Contract flow down (FD) — automate flow down of prime contract provisions and other terms and requirements to orders with your suppliers

Critical to Success. 

Delivering the Data and Tools You Need.

When you operate a project-centric business, your profit and overall success depend on good contract management. You need an industry-focused solution that can track performance compared to funding, generate invoices in a real-time manner, and ensure suppliers and key shop personnel stay informed. Dassian’s advanced billing process, robust reporting, and performance metrics provide you with the necessary tools and information to succeed. 

Our Contract Management Solutions. 

Simplified and Automated
Contract Execution and Analysis.

Better Cash Flow

Dassian’s COPB solution simplifies and automates the billing and review portion of managing complex contracts. By eliminating manual processes and patchwork legacy systems, Dassian’s COPB solution leads to simpler and faster billing, better cash flow, and insight into key performance metrics.

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Improved Information Flow

Our FD solution enables companies to communicate critical contractual business requirements in a flexible and automated manner. Our robust reporting capabilities allow critical information to get to the right people in a real-time manner, flowing down to both suppliers and downstream production departments. 

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Are You Ready to Automate and Simplify Your Contract Process?

Contact us today to learn more about how our contract management solutions can help you generate the tools and information necessary for success in the digital age. 

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The Business Benefits of Our Contract Management Solutions

Dassian’s COPB solution enables your company to simplify project-based client invoicing, improve cash flow, and eliminate manual processes. With COPB, complex invoicing requirements are solved with a multi-threaded, real-time, fully automated, and accurate solution.

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