Focused Solutions for Transforming Your Business.

Dassian’s integrated suite of solutions is the first step. Integrated across business process functions, our suite creates one end-to-end data thread that unleashes the full potential of digital business transformation. 

Our Integrated Solutions Suite Is the Key to Fueling Innovation.

Within Dassian’s integrated suite, our industry-focused and standardized solutions are categorized into what we believe are four interconnected pillars to solving your most challenging business issues and fueling innovation: contract management, managerial accounting, program management, and material accounting. Designed for companies in the public sector and adjacent industries, as well as project-centric businesses, our solutions integrate with and extend your SAP investment.  

Singular Digital Thread

Secure data flow that traverses your business processes and contract lifecycle.

Industry Focused

Dassian’s connected suite of solutions are designed specifically for public sector, adjacent industries, and project-centric businesses.

Maximizes SAP Investment

As extensions to SAP architecture, our integrated suite of solutions takes your ERP investment to the next level.

Total Business Transformation

Our suite of connected solutions provides the tools and technology for total digital business transformation.

Contract Management

Real-Time Billing, Communication, and Performance Metrics.

Within Dassian’s integrated suite, the contract management solutions follow your contract throughout its lifecycle and are designed to get you better data in real time. These standardized and simplified solutions focus on two key elements of contract management:  

  • Contracts and project billing (COPB)  
  • Contract flow down (FD)  
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Managerial Accounting  

Tracking Costs and Matching Them to 606 Revenue.

The managerial accounting components of our integrated solutions suite are designed to help you better track labor fees, employee expenses, and indirect costs. Our revenue recognition solution calculates contract revenue according to the strict specifications of Accounting Standards Codification 606. The managerial accounting pillar is subdivided into:

  • Actual labor costing  
  • Workforce authorization management  
  • Financial planning & analysis  
  • Results analysis processing
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Program Management  

Planning and Control Across Multiple Projects.

Tracking information by contract is important, but your business needs best-in-practice program management for capturing costs and managing resources across the enterprise. The three program-management solutions within our integrated suite help you analyze performance on a program level and provide a holistic view of scheduling:  

  • Program plans and controls  
  • Schedule integration solutions  
  • Manufacturing performance information & analytics
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Material Accounting  

Detailed Manufacturing Costs and Property Management.

Labor costs are important, but you also need accurate manufacturing costs and a succinct way to track property as it traverses the project life cycle. Our material accounting solutions take manufacturing costs to the part level and help you assess an accurate figure. This pillar specifically addresses:  

  • Product actual costing & estimating  
  • Property management  
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Let Our Integrated Suite of Solutions Transform Your Business

Through its cross-functional, seamless data thread, our integrated suite generates project- and program-level data necessary for true digital business transformation.

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