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No matter how complex your internal and external compliance mandates get, keep your company’s reputation—and financial state—above par. Whether you currently deal with manual or highly customized systems, we’ll simplify, connect and improve them with our standard, end-to-end platform. Get ready to simplify every audit, policy and government mandate.

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How can Dassian’s integrated, end-to-end solution help your business?

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Boost your audit success rate

Digitized audit processes are uncovering more audit findings than ever before. Keep your security policies, user access controls, risk management procedures and other compliance needs in line with all requirements.

Create accuracy and consistency across channels

Non-integrated and non-harmonized manual processes lead to major gaps and silos within your organization. Create a consistent stream of information flow by migrating your disparate point solutions into one unified platform that spans the project lifecycle from pre-award through contract close-out.

Manage complex, government mandated regulations

Organizations face ongoing statutory, regulatory, contractual, and legal compliance regulations. But you don’t have to let complexities and costs get in the way of your day-to-day work. Simplify things with a streamlined system in place.

Limit potential errors

Swap out manual work for digitized, endtoend business processes that deliver complete and accurate information across your entire organization. Plus, proactively stay ahead of challenges with a broad range of functionalities.
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Which results are you ready to enable?

Manual work opens doors to more errors and complications. But digital processes don’t always simplify things either. That’s why our standard, integrated system not only takes care of the heavy lifting for you, but does so without requiring any custom coding or additional labor on your end.  

Be ready for every audit, no matter how complex the mandate or how unique your organization’s needs. With a streamlined process in place, we’ve got you covered from one business unit to the next.

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A comprehensive solution for your entire team

Let’s streamline your data, simplify your organizational structure and free your team up to focus on making smarter business decisions. Our end-to-end solution is easy to implement and even easier to use.

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Track performance as it relates to funding, generate invoices in real time, and ensure suppliers and internal resources stay aligned and informed.

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From actual labor costing and workforce authorization management to financial planning and results analysis processing, we have the tools to help everyone make better decisions going forward. 

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Real-time, bi-directional data is coming your way. Get ready to manage costs and resources across your business with a secure, standardized and simplified program management solution.

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Get accurate, detailed insight into your material accounting. We’ll also help your team manage and control property throughout your contract and across integrated business processes.

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Great partners to help serve you

Real business transformation takes a whole team that fully understands your business. That’s why we partner with those who have an incomparable level of industry knowledge and help us create a unified solution that fits your needs.

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Ready to start integrating?

Streamlined projects. Reduced operating expenses. Fully compliant systems. No matter your needs, we help solve your most challenging business problems with a single digital thread—secured tightly by decades of expertise.

Integrated solutions enabling true end-to-end business processes.

Dassian’s Services

Our implementation, strategy consulting, and innovation management services ensure you get the most from your Dassian investments, now and well into the future.

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Dassian’s Solutions

Our solutions suite is designed to transform your business and fuel innovation for years to come.

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