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Making a difference for your customers means having a flexible standard solution to expand and connect all their systems into a single source of truth. It means transforming business models and evolving existing roles. And it means having a team that’s always there to support, because that’s what true innovation demands.

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How can Dassian’s integrated, end-to-end solution help your business?

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Boost service revenue

Turns out, you don’t have to compromise time and revenue for high customer demands. Deliver efficient workflows, transparent costs and flexible, standardized solutions that add value for both you and your customers. 

Stand out among the crowd

We know that when it comes to your customers and the industries they work in, there’s no one-size-fits-all scenario. In a world of standard cloud solutions, offer a smarter alternative that’s perfectly suited to their individual needs, without the need to custom code. 

Offer unique solutions to complex requirements

Old business models won’t work for highly regulated and project-centric businesses. Real-time information flow across more succinct organizational structures is required for the intricacies of complex government contracts and the profitability challenges of project-based work. 

Get guidance from a strategic partner

Creating effective solutions and strategies to maximize efficiency requires real dedication and a team that stays the course. Think of us as your right (and left) hand partners throughout the duration of each project.
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Which results are you ready to enable?

Add a complete end-to-end solution to your toolbox, backed by decades of expertise and a highly engaged team that works with you every step of the way. More control, more revenue, and more reasons for customers to say “yes.”

Help your customers streamline information channels with a leading standard, integrated, end-to-end project and contract management solution—while still catering to their specific business needs. Best part? No custom coding required on their end.

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What Dassian’s solution can do for your customers

Together, let’s streamline their data, simplify their organizational structure and free their team up to focus on making smarter business decisions. Our end-to-end solution is easy to implement and even easier to use.

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Non-integrated processes lead to major gaps and silos within organizations. We help create a consistent stream of information flow by integrating all systems into a single unified platform—covering everything from program/contract management to managerial/material accounting.

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Swap out manual processes for error-proof, digitized systems that deliver complete and accurate information across their entire organization.

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We make integration easy with a standardized solution that doesn’t require their team to constantly code and customize as their needs evolve.


Help them keep their security policies, user access controls, risk management procedures and other compliance requirements up to speed.

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Technology partners that help serve you

Real business transformation calls for the biggest thinkers in the industry. That’s why we team with partners who are continuously innovating and creating solutions that fit your customer’s specific needs.

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Ready to help your clients start integrating?

Streamlined projects. Reduced operating expenses. Fully compliant systems. No matter their needs, help your clients solve their most challenging business problems using a single digital thread—secured tightly by over 20 years of expertise.

Integrated solutions enabling true end-to-end business processes.
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Dassian’s Services

Our implementation, strategy consulting, and innovation management services ensure you get the most from your Dassian investments, now and well into the future.

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Dassian’s Solutions

Our solutions suite is designed to transform your business and fuel innovation for years to come.

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