Our SAP Partnership

Creating a More Intelligent Enterprise Together.

SAP provides the ERP system core platform. Dassian solutions extends and enriches the core to deliver seamlessly integrated end 2 end solutions for our customers.

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A Focused Alliance.

Extending SAP to Meet Industry-Specific Needs.

Our partnership with SAP focuses on the public sector and adjacent industries, as well as project-centric businesses. In tandem with SAP, Dassian’s solutions create a secure singular digital thread for companies working in these highly complex and regulated industries. 

Structure and Strategy. 

Generating Competitive Advantage for Your Business. 

To compete in this fast-paced, competitive market with new players and opportunities, you need business operations and a supporting system that meet the security, technological, and industry-specific requirements of your customers. Dassian’s solutions, on top of SAP’s S/4 HANA ERP system, simplify and standardize the SAP ERP system. We transform your support structure and your operations so you can quickly meet client demands. 

Transforming Your Business. 

Dassian and SAP Deliver Value Through Streamlined Solutions. 

Our Solutions. 

Extending SAP’s Core with Dassian’s Industry-Focused Solutions.

The first step in transforming your business operations is adopting our integrated end-2-end Business Solution Suite comprised of pillar solutions for contract management, managerial accounting, program management, and material accounting. By extending SAP’s structure and creating the single digital thread, this step sets you up for successful business transformation.

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Public Sector and Adjacent Industries. 

Taking SAP to the Next Level with Industry Focus.

In essence, we simplify and standardize SAP’s core to meet the market demands of government contractors and businesses in adjacent industries such as oil and gas, engineering, and construction. Because many of the business issues encountered in these industries are also challenges for service providers and other project-based businesses, our solutions help these entities take their business to the next level as well. 

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A Business Transformation Partnership

If you’re ready to transform your business through an integrated ERP solution designed specifically for your industry, SAP and Dassian are ready to help. 

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Strategic Consulting to Maximize Your SAP Solutions

Dassian provides strategic consulting services to help you transform your business and get the most out of your extended SAP solutions. 

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