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Integrating Together Means Innovating Together.

Business transformation takes a village. And where we come from, that village is bound by different systems, processes, and partners.

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Silos Just Aren’t Our Thing.

When we talk about silos, we usually refer to data silos—systems that don’t work and flow together. But when it comes to collaborating with other technology companies, we don’t like to work in silos either. Thinking beyond our walls, partnering with other innovators, and integrating with existing business solutions is what allows us all to bring innovation to life.

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Dassian’s industry expertise and standardized solutions combined with Azure’s scalable and secure government cloud platform provides a fully integrated environment for high-security customers in the defense industrial base—as well as federal, state, and local governments.

New sap

Together with SAP’s S/4 HANA ERP system, Dassian’s solutions create simplified, standardized, and AI-transformable solutions—so those working in highly complex and regulated industries can meet client expectations, quickly and seamlessly.

New oracle

Dassian’s Schedule Integration Solution (SIS) bridges the gab between Oracle Primavera and SAP ERP, allowing customers to enjoy real-time data synchronization and reap the benefits of improved efficiency and cost savings through a new cross-application solution.

Systems Integration Services.

System integrators, let’s streamline your customers’ data, simplify their organizational structure and enable their teams to make even smarter business decisions. Our end-to-end solution isn’t hard to implement and scales with ease.

Get ready to…

  • Reduce point solution systems
  • Standardize and harmonize business processes
  • Enable faster adoption of technology
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Yield disruptive strategic value through automation
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We’re in the Business of Connecting.

Whether you want to join our network of partners or transform businesses with an integrated solution, you’ve come to the right place.

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