Focused on Highly Regulated and Project-Centric Businesses.

We deliver a secure, end-to-end solution for public sector, adjacent industries, and businesses with highly regulated or complex contracts, providing them a fully integrated approach to business transformation. 

Tailored to Meet Precise and Complex Demands. 

Strict regulations and complex terms are characteristic of government and adjacent industry contracts. Customers require tracking and controls not common in many private sector contracts. Our solutions suite is designed to create a single data thread throughout business processes and contract lifecycles, enabling real-time data flow and tracking for contract requirements as well as internal analysis and decision making. Our solutions are also designed to meet the needs of project-centric businesses, and to facilitate business transformation for all companies in these areas. 

Enhanced Cyber Security

Public sector and adjacent industries require maximum security. Our single digital thread cuts down on access portals and improves security throughout business processes.

Cross-Function Business Processes

We provide a fully integrated approach that functions across end-to-end business processes so you can experience true digital business transformation.

Organization Simplification

Business transformation takes place when you leverage your new simplified and streamlined end-to-end solutions to reassess business and operating models.

Future Agile Growth

Transforming your business and operating with a single digital thread sets your business up for future agile growth and innovation.

Public Sector

From Federal Government to Higher Ed, We Transform the Way You Operate.

Public sector organizations have specific needs from tracking property to meeting strict government requirements. Our integrated solutions suite delivers the technology and business process change to transform your entity for today and the future.

Government Contracting/Aerospace & Defense

Government contracts are rife with regulations, guidelines, and particular data deliverables. The digital business transformation brought about by our solutions suite sets your business up to swiftly and efficiently meet the specific demands of federal, state, and local government contracts. 


Defense industry contracts often require real and personal property tracking and controls not found in other types of contracts. Superior logistics and real-time data, found in our solutions suite, are necessary to meet these requirements. Our singular digital thread facilitates information flow and helps transform operations around these requirements. 

Federal Civilian Agencies/R&D Labs

The federal civilian agency and labs market segment is rapidly changing and growing. These organizations manage large-scale research and development projects that necessitate superior project and program management solutions. Our solutions suite can facilitate business transformation around a singular digital thread for federal civilian agencies and labs. 

State & Local Governments/Higher Education

If you’re working with a higher education applied research or sponsored program, or with a state or local agency that has been tasked with a capital project, you’ve likely faced the challenges of proper costing and controls as well as tracking funding. Our end-to-end solutions can help you with these tasks and more, as well as update your business processes for the digital world. 

Let’s Start Your Digital Business Transformation Today.

Unleash your competitive advantage and conquer the challenges of this fast-paced, growing market with Dassian’s integrated suite.

Discrete Industries

We Deliver Integrated Solutions That Transform Business Processes for Project-Centric Companies.

Project-centric businesses live and die by the success of their contracts. Accurate costing, effective scheduling, and real-time data across projects and the enterprise are necessary. Our integrated solutions suite across business processes meets these needs and leads to true digital business transformation for continued success.

Engineering, Construction & Operations

Cross-functional business processes and information that flows through one digital thread are crucial in this industry segment. Engineering and construction companies often deal with both the public and private clients. Their projects tend to be large and span multiple years. As well, they require lots of flexibility plus the ability to schedule and track costs that range from a small part to employee wages. 

Service Providers

This service sector includes professional services firms, management consultants, and asset maintenance companies. Businesses in this sector must be able to manage multiple projects and meet their customers’ ever-changing needs, all while ensuring staff stay occupied and projects remain profitable. Our solutions suite delivers the necessary management and tracking capabilities, and with our single digital thread help transform business processes to meet the changing market. 

Oil & Gas

All industries deal with risk, but oil and gas far more than others. Risks range from the unknown costs of cleanup efforts to potential fires and explosions on site, as well as worker deaths and even earthquakes from fracking. Risk management plays a larger role for these companies, and our solutions suite helps them manage that as well as keep up with project management, costing, and other tasks. Our end-to-end solutions are helping these companies achieve digital business transformation. 

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical research and development as well as biomedical engineering companies encompass this industry sector. Companies in this highly competitive market need the speed and security offered by our singular digital thread as well as the basic project management and managerial accounting functions of our solutions suite. Our end-to-end solutions are helping these companies achieve true digital business transformation. 

Industrial Machinery & Components

Our digital business transformation solutions support both the research and development side of original equipment manufacturing companies and businesses that repair and overhaul major equipment assets. Complex repair and overhaul efforts as well as the lengthy and detailed nature of research and development make our end-to-end solutions with their transformation capabilities a must for these companies. 

Industry-Tailored Business Transformation

We help companies in the public sector and adjacent industries, as well as project-centric firms, digitally transform their businesses. 

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