Industries: Public Sector

Tailored for Logistics, Supply, and Defense Buying Groups.

Our end-to-end solutions, operating across business processes, provide Defense Agencies and Armed Services with the necessary capabilities and information to meet complex logistics business requirements and cyber security needs. 

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Real-Time Measures 

Tracking and Control key to Mission Success.

As enemies become more stealth, adept and agile Defense Agencies also need to digitally transform to ensure they remain capable to meet new and emerging threats with process efficiency and scalability. Concentrated on logistics, supply, and headquarters and buying activity groups, organizations in this market demand real-time data to meet strict property tracking and control requirements. Our single digital thread gives them the improved security measures and information flow to meet client demands and transform business operations for maximum digital value. 

Defense Industry

Transforming Business Processes
Across a Single Digital Thread.

Top-notch Tracking and Control Capabilities

The singular digital thread generated by our solutions suite provides the real-time data flow necessary for these companies to keep up with the strict tracking and control requirements of defense contracts. Integrated across business processes, this single thread also leads to better security, more efficiencies, and ultimately total digital business transformation. 

Meeting Government Standards

Defense contractors are often subject to following the statutes and regulations set by the Government Performance and Results Act and Federal Capital (Project) Programming guide. In addition, companies in this sector are often subject to government audits to ensure compliance with property tracking and control standards. Dassian’s single digital thread and the business transformation capabilities it provides help companies to meet defense requirements and succeed. 

Real-Time Tracking and Better Controls

Dassian’s solution suite establishes a secure and efficient singular digital thread necessary for defense contract success. 

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Material Accounting Capabilities

Tracking real and personal property across projects and through a contract lifecycle is often a requirement of defense contracts. 

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