Life Sciences, Industrial Machinery & Components

Transforming Life Sciences and Industrial Machinery Concerns.

Our integrated suite and singular digital thread meet the fund tracking and costing requirements of these research and development contracts, as well as help to digitally transform business operations. 

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Complex Contracts 

Research Heavy Industries Benefit from Security, Costing Capabilities.

We define life sciences as pharmaceutical research and development as well as biomedical engineering. These are highly competitive markets where the need for speed and security as offered by our singular digital thread is key. 

The original equipment manufacturing industry also has a heavy research and development component. These research-heavy businesses, as well as the repair and overhaul of major equipment assets, benefit from our basic project management and managerial accounting functions as well. 

Funding Source Requirements 

Managing Margins Across Many Years. 

The research and development functions of the life sciences and original equipment manufacturing industries both engage in complex projects that typically span many years. These contracts usually also have requirements for providing detailed project and managerial accounting information. Many times, these requirements are tied to funding sources. Managing margins by contract and across the enterprise is important. Our integrated suite can help you meet these needs, find efficiencies, and digitally transform business operations. 

Life Sciences & Industrial Machinery 

Dassian’s Integrated Suite for When Speed,
Security, and Cost Accounting Matter.

Better Security and Managerial Accounting Management

Rich in research and development, contracts in these industries require reporting back to funding sources as well as careful margin analysis for internal purposes. Our integrated suite of solutions meets the basic tracking and reporting needs, while also providing a single digital thread to improve security and speed. 

Improved Contract Control

Research and development contracts in these industries are complex and span multiple years. They require detailed job cost accounting, as well as tracking of funding expenditures throughout the contract lifecycle and across multiple contracts. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to provide the necessary data and to help these companies achieve true digital business transformation. 

Improve R&D Contract Performance

Take your R&D contract performance to the next level with our end-to-end solutions and single digital thread. 

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Integrated Suite Simplifies Business Processes

Our integrated suite, operating across business processes, simplifies and automates, creating room for operational transformation. 

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