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Transforming Engineering, Construction, and Service Providers.

From contract creation to close-out and performance evaluation, Dassian’s contract management solutions are designed to get you better information faster so you can optimize complex projects throughout their life cycle. 

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Managing Contracts 

From Construction to Consulting, Dassian’s Integrated Suite Addresses Your Needs.

Engineering, construction, and service providers usually work with both public and private companies through large, multi-year contracts. Tracking costs across projects and enterprises, while remaining flexible to changing customer requirements and providing critical business information to meet profitability targets are key. Staffing projects and keeping employee downtime to a minimum are concerns as well. In addition, construction firms must deal with unions wages and timecard issues. The Dassian integrated suite addresses these issues, and through the single digital thread creates efficiencies and opportunities for operational change. 

Multi-Year Project Challenges 

Meeting Profitability Expectations While Facilitating Operational Change. 

Maintaining profitability and managing talent, whether that means a multi-degreed management consultant or a worker on a construction site, are challenges for engineering, construction, and service providers. Dassian’s integrated suite of solutions helps firms manage complex, multi-faceted projects both by contract and across the enterprise. Our fully integrated approach with end-to-end business processes helps these firms identify efficiencies and opportunities for operational change that can lead to true digital transformation. 

Engineering, Construction, and Service Providers

Project-Centric Businesses Benefit
from Our Integrated Suite.

Better Contract and Program Management

Engineering, construction, and service providers benefit from the Dassian integrated suite’s superior contract management and program management capabilities. At the same time, our integrated suite introduces these firms to one single digital thread that cuts cyber security risks and enhances cross-function business processes. Improved information flow and increased efficiency can lead to operational changes. 

Efficiencies that Lead to Business Model Changes

Adopting the Dassian interface suite of solutions creates one single digital thread across business processes. These simplified and standardized solutions become the platform for future innovation and growth. By creating efficiencies across business processes, opportunities for operational and business model changes become apparent and can lead to a new, more profitable business model. 

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Contract Management Solution for Tracking Costs, Staff

Our contract management solution was designed for complex contracts. Better, faster information leads to better decision making. 

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