Program Management

Providing the Data You Need for Planning and Control.

Dassian’s program management solutions provide you with real-time, bi-directional data so you can effortlessly manage costs and resources across your business, and then analyze your performance. 

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Holistic Viewpoint. 

Allocating Costs and Resources Across Your Enterprise.

Effective allocation of resources and costs across projects becomes even more important in a highly regulated, complex industry. You need a holistic view of technical performance, costs, and scheduling to successfully plan and control multiple jobs. Dassian’s program management solutions meet those needs and are broken down into three components:   

  • Program plans and controls 
  • Schedule integration solutions 
  • Manufacturing performance information & analytics 

Information in Real Time. 

Juggling Multiple Projects Never Looked So Easy. 

In today’s digital business world, waiting on cost or scheduling information could lead to the death of one or multiple projects — particularly if you run a project-centric business. With Dassian’s secure, standardized, and simplified program management solutions, you get the information you need when you need it. Decisions about resource allocation and procurement aren’t impeded by lack of data from slow legacy systems. 

Our Program Management Solutions. 

We Help You Run a Business – Not Just One Project.

Integrating Costs and Resources Across Your Enterprise

Planning and controlling your company’s costs and resources across multiple jobs requires data in real time. Our program plan and controls solution gets you the info you need when you need it and minimizes redundant data to improve productivity.

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Integrating Scheduling Capability With SAP

Successful program management requires a universal view of technical performance, costs, and scheduling. Our schedule integration solution does just that and provides the data you need to make immediate decisions. 

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Manufacturing and Cost Data at Your Fingertips

Dassian’s manufacturing performance information & analytics solution provides a costed Bill of Materials in consumable format so you can make important decisions about procurement and allocation. This solution also provides a forward scheduling capability to help with forecasting. 

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Real-Time Data for Program Management

If you’re ready for a solution to slow legacy systems and insufficient information for simultaneous program management, Dassian’s solutions can help. 

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Cost Effective Implementation of Bolt-In Solutions

If you want to maximize the business benefits of your SAP and Dassian solutions, our implementation and consulting services teams can set strategies and build a foundation for ongoing support.

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