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Meeting the Challenges of Research Facilities.

Our singular digital thread can help federal civilian agencies and labs and higher education research programs track property, access real-time data, and account for accurate costs, as well as transform operations. 

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Business Challenges 

Tracking R&D Costs and Funding Expenditures.

Federal civilian agencies and labs as well as higher education research programs have similar business challenges that can be conquered with total digital transformation brought on by adoption of our solutions suite. These facilities often manage large, multi-year projects. They are tasked with keeping up with property and accurately accounting for and allocating costs, as well as ensuring funding is controlled and accurately appropriated. 

Good Outcomes 

End-to-End Solutions for Managing R&D Contracts. 

When you’re running a research facility, you’re not just focused on good outcomes. You’re also running a business that must appropriately allocate labor and other costs by project and facility, ensure funding is correctly spent and recognized, and track property across and through contract lifecycles. Cyber security is also top of mind. You wear many hats and have many bosses. You need a singular digital thread that can provide information in real time and an accompanying business transformation to simplify processes and create efficiencies. 

Research and Development

Transforming the Business Side of R&D. 

Easier Accounting for Costs and Funding

With our singular digital thread, you get real-time data and information flow to track property and keep up with labor and material costs, assist in scheduling, control and track funding expenditures, and help measure contract performance. These tools lead to more efficient operations and a total transformation of your facility around cross-functional business processes. 

Meeting Contract Requirements

Grants and government funding on this scale often don’t come without some sort of reporting and tracking requirements. Whether it’s meeting the standards of the Government Performance and Results Act and Federal Capital Programming Guide or the rules set by a non-profit agency, reporting accurate costs and showing funding has been appropriately spent are key. Our solutions suite provides a singular digital thread that increases security and efficiency to help you meet all reporting requirements. 

Flexible and Integrated Solutions

We provide a singular digital thread to help R&D facilities keep up with the business side of projects and program efforts. 

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Cost Accounting for R&D Projects

Cost allocation is important to the financial success of a research project or an entire research facility. Our solutions suite can help. 

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