Pillar: Material Accounting & Logistics

Actual Manufacturing Costs for Better Performance and Bids.

Accurate, detailed manufacturing costs can be challenging to calculate when you are running on a piecemealed legacy system. With the product actual costing and estimating solution within Dassian’s integrated suite, you can easily keep track of manufacturing costs down to the part level. With better and real-time data, you can not only track performance on your current projects but also confidently propose price changes for future contracts.

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Improved Numbers 

Valuing Inventory and Scrap Become Effortless and Accurate. 

When you have enhanced insight into actual manufacturing costs, you can more easily evaluate your project’s performance against budget and contract metrics. Valuing inventory, computing the cost of scrap, and determining the values of varying product lot sizes becomes simple. You can calculate both accurate product and project costs with Dassian’s product actual costing and estimating solution. 

Enhanced Comparisons 

Simplifies Cost Variance and Learning Curve Analysis.

When you have accurate numbers, cost analytics become easier and more meaningful. Get to the root of variances between target and actual. Break analyses into more detail by looking at material, work center, and task cost comparisons. Dassian’s product actual costing and estimating solution extends and enhances SAP’s grouping, pegging, and distribution capabilities, and allows you to calculate actual detailed manufacturing costs. 

Get Accurate and Detailed Cost Data Now.

Without accurate manufacturing costs, you may as well be operating in the dark. Dassian’s solution suite produces better data for current and future contract analytics. 

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