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Put property compliance on autopilot

Make the management of government property “audit-proof” with a comprehensive solution that ensures ongoing compliance with federal regulations. Our Government Property Management (GPM) solution continuously demonstrates that you’re meeting all requirements, with minimal effort required from your team. No more issues and penalties from failing to properly manage government property. No more countless hours spent on error-prone work. And no more silos that limit your organization’s true potential.

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Government Property Management is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution that handles different aspects of equipment, tools and material management—from acquisition to closeout. It integrates with SAP to automate data entry, ensuring accurate and efficient management of property records and reducing the need for manual input.

GPM covers multiple facets such as subcontractor management, property transit and fleet management, streamlining every step of the process for you and your team. It adapts to different government and commercial requirements, so you can keep pace with contractual standards like FAR/DFAR and customer-specific needs.

Gain insight into government property
for better compliance and control

Experience a complete, integrated property management
and tracking solution for all types of property, such as

  • Government Furnished Property
  • Capital Assets
  • Personal Property
  • Commercial Property

Pass audits with accuracy and confidence using real-time data

  • Automatic creation and update of property record

  • Automated forms (example: DD1149, DD1348 and SF 1428)

  • Automated file creation for property loss and disposition

Enable a single source of the truth within one system

  • No third-party applications
  • No extra hardware or integration to other systems
  • No maintenance of an interface
  • No custom coding
  • No extra security needed

Reduce property management support costs by eliminating costly errors and

  • Lower cost of ownership for an embedded SAP solution

  • Automate processes to reduce manual efforts

  • Accelerate user adoption with pre-built end-user training

Get an audit trail to support DFARS – 52.245-1 Government Property

  • Property field and serial number history provide auditors with utilization and activity details

  • Comprehensive reporting solution leverages government-required fields for property

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