Implementation Is Only the Beginning.

Digital business transformation doesn’t come out of a box. It requires a team of solutions and industry experts to ensure smooth transition as your company moves from a your legacy system to a cross-functional business processes. 

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Assembling a Squad

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

During our implementation projects, we build a team of experts from SAP and Dassian, and our other industry partners including government contracting specialists, change management consultants, trainers, and more. To create truly cross-functional, end-to-end business processes and transform your organization, you want assistance from advisers who are well versed in your industry and digital business transformation. 

More Than Integration 

Total Transformation with One Digital Thread.

Our implementation projects are more than simple system integration efforts. We reassess business models, integrate teams, evaluate duties, and help our clients move from an outdated legacy system to a new way of doing business – one that includes a single digital thread across processes and contracts. Solution architectural services are only part of the project. 

Implementation Services

Working Together to Truly Transform Your Business. 

Transformation and Industry Expertise

When we say we “transform your business,” we mean it and bring in the best to help you achieve it – from industry experts to change management consultants. You benefit from our knowledge as well as that of our partners. Together, we help you successfully move from your outdated legacy system to a new way of doing business.  

Long-Term Business Transformation

We aren’t systems integrators. We are solutions and business transformation experts. When you choose to work with our implementation services team, you’ll get transformed business processes that operate on a singular digital thread. Our relationship is long term, so as we innovate we make sure your systems and processes do too. 

Dassian’s Services

Our implementation, strategy consulting, and innovation management services ensure you get the most from your Dassian investments, now and well into the future.

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Dassian’s Solutions

Our solutions suite is designed to transform your business and fuel innovation for years to come.

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