Dassian Receives Copyright Protection for Proprietary SAP Solution Extensions

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Dassian, Inc., is proud to announce today that it has received copyright registration and protection from the U.S. Copyright Office for all of the company’s solutions. The Dassian Solutions copyright registrations were received by the US Copyright Office in February 2021 timeframe with all solution registration decisions affirmed through end of August 2021 timeframe. Dassian’s portfolio of solutions have been developed over and evolved throughout the past 15 years. The Dassian solution portfolio has grown to several million lines of code and includes complex concepts that are designed to address the highly regulated business processes of Dassian’s clients.

This copyright protection is important for all of Dassian’s clients, and especially those engaged in government contracting who realize the importance, sensitivity, and complexity of controlling and protecting intellectual property. This registration and announcement enables our prospects/customers to ascribe these same protections to Dassian solutions, ensuring the copyright protection is not compromised or violated, including in creation of any derivative works of Dassian solutions.

“This copyright will protect our work as we move forward in the growing federal contracting market,” says¬†Kevin Kane, Dassian’s CEO. “A lot of money is going into this sector, with a lot of new market players, many of whom have SAP as a platform for their ERP system. Our software solutions help these companies digitally transform their businesses through our standardized and integrated solutions, without accruing technical debt while also greatly simplifying their systems landscape.

“We are pleased that we have been granted the software copyrights which are essential to securing our solutions in this booming yet highly regulated sector against any infringement,” Kane continues.

Dassian helps companies that are replacing their aging customized legacy systems or manual processes with SAP’s S/4HANA ERP system. Dassian’s solutions provide extensions to the SAP ERP system creating a singular digital thread from a client’s contract acquisition pre-award process through contract close-out, seamlessly traversing thru several additional value streams within the contract lifecycle.

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