Dassian Launches New Website

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Dassian, Inc., is proud to announce the launch of its new website and enhanced logo. The new site and logo reflect the company’s focus on innovative, end-to-end solutions for digital business transformation in the government contracting sector and for project-centric businesses.

The updated site emphasizes Dassian’s integrated approach through a singular digital thread that results in business process redesign and more efficient, data-driven business operations. As the go-to solutions provider for government contractors and project-centric industries, Dassian helps these businesses adapt to an increasingly fast-paced and competitive market that is demanding technological and business process changes.

Dassian’s new logo includes a “D” comprised of points connected by a sleek thread. The design represents a visual reminder of the company’s emphasis on end-to-end solutions facilitated by a singular digital thread.

“Our new website and logo better represent the solutions we provide and the problems we solve for our clients,” says Kevin Kane, Dassian’s CEO. “Our website now not only reflects our rich history in providing technological solutions for highly regulated and project-centric companies, but also describes how our solutions suite and experts facilitate digital business transformation through a cross-functional, integrated, and single-source approach.

“As a certified SAP partner, Dassian extends and enhances SAP’s core to deliver seamless, integrated end-to-end solutions for our clients,” Kane continues. “Our website better reflects that relationship and its value to clients.”

The new website also includes an Executive Corner that provides insightful content to support customers engaging in digital business transformation as well as access to Dassian’s Guidance Board Resource Center. The Guidance Board is comprised of 35 executives and thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies who provide both feedback and innovative ideas on Dassian’s integrated solutions suite. Along with the support portal, Dassian’s website now offers both ongoing assistance and thought-provoking content for customers and industry leaders.

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