What is Dassian and What Does It Do?

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In the crowded world of ERP implementation and digital transformation, it can be hard to identify what makes a company unique and understand its place in the market. An SAP partner can get lumped in with large consulting firms and others that integrate systems or the many providers of digital technology.

While Dassian is a certified SAP partner, it is not an SAP integrator, software manufacturer, or a firm that implements digital technology. Instead, Dassian is a solutions provider focused on highly regulated and project-centric industries. Its integrated suite of solutions extends a company’s SAP investment and leads to digital business transformation.

Industry Experts

Dassian’s suite of solutions are tailored for contract- and project-centric businesses such as those in the highly regulated aerospace and defense industries. These solutions are not simply out-of-the box software. The standardized, end-to-end suite creates a single digital thread that allows data to flow securely throughout a company’s business processes and across a contract or project lifecycle.

In essence, Dassian helps a company fill the gaps or holes that a large ERP system like SAP, which was primarily designed for commercial and manufacturing industries, has when it comes to the highly regulated government sector or an industry operating in a complex project-centric environment. Dassian’s standardized solutions solve the problem without having to plug the holes with custom code, which can be expensive and complicated to maintain as well as wreak havoc on data sharing attempts.

Is Dassian an Implementor?

SAP has multiple partnerships and alliances, making it sometimes confusing to tell the difference between an ERP integrator and an SAP solutions provider. Dassian is not an SAP implementor, like Deloitte Consulting or PWC. These companies implement ERP platforms and are often referred to as SAP service partners.

Dassian is an SAP development partner, meaning its specifically designed solutions suite is SAP certified and acknowledged as working within the SAP framework. The solutions reside within the ERP system and are integrated such that they communicate with and support one another.

Each year, Dassian’s solutions portfolio continues to grow and adapt to meet client needs. The solutions suite goes through an annual SAP certification process, which signifies that it has once again been tested and met SAP’s standard requirements.

Standardized Solutions vs. Inhouse Fixes

ERP systems are generally designed to meet the needs of companies operating in a commercial industry. Businesses operating in the government sector or a highly regulated industry tend to have more stringent security and specific data needs than manufacturing companies. Contracts last multiple years and often have complex metrics. Government projects also often require tracking and specific accounting not found in commercial contracts.

Dassian saw an opportunity to create standardized solutions to fill these industry gaps and keep companies from having to develop custom or ad hoc solutions. Ad hoc solutions often involve complicated macros and specialized programs that may be specific to one department or business process. In such situations, one department often has no idea how data is being managed within another department or across the corporate structure. Maintaining these ad hoc, individualized solutions becomes challenging and expensive, as IT departments grow to keep up with and maintain these custom legacy systems.

Rather than a complicated patchwork of fixes, Dassian’s solutions suite provides a nimble and standardized approach across the organization. These solutions, designed specifically for the nuances of a highly regulated industry or project-centric business, create a single digital thread that allows for more secure, accurate, and timely data flow.

Dassian Can Help

Dassian’s integrated and standardized solutions suite is designed to meet the needs of project-centric businesses and those operating in highly regulated industries, and will help you achieve end-to-end outcomes. Contact us today.

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