Summary Review: Dassian Presents May 2024

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The three-day Dassian Presents event, held from May 6th to May 8th, 2024, was a pivotal conference for professionals in the federal contracting realm. This conference served as an essential touchpoint for experienced and emerging contractors, providing insights into Dassian’s integration with the SAP ERP platform. The underlying theme focused on industry challenges surrounding regulatory compliance within the federal contracting space.

Opening Remarks 

The event was introduced by Leon Workin, CEO of Dassian, who set the tone for the sessions by outlining the intricate landscape of government contracting and the role of Dassian’s vertical solutions in navigating these complexities. 

Day 1: PWC – Selling to the US Government 

The first day of the event offered insight for organizations looking into the federal contracting space, addressing the key considerations for business and design imperatives that enable a successful digital transformation. The speakers were Michael Stetz, Gregg Pilotte, and Jessica Martin from PwC. The session provided an in-depth look at the critical aspects of interacting with the U.S. government, underscoring the importance of key business strategies and design principles critical for a successful digital transformation. 

Following the session with PwC, Dassian broke out into dedicated workshops that explored how Dassian’s solutions, as part of the enterprise suite, support the business requirements associated with the Six Common Business Systems: Accounting, Cost Estimating, EVM, Material Management and Accounting System (MMAS), Property Management, and Purchasing System. 

Day 2: Customer Success: Moog 

The second day of the Dassian event was marked by a deep dive into the successful partnership between Dassian and Moog, a leading manufacturer of precision motion control systems. The session, led by Leon Workin, Ron Fitzpatrick, and Francine Schleer, highlighted Moog’s journey with SAP and the pivotal role Dassian played as a solution provider in ensuring compliance and bridging industry-specific gaps. 

Following the session, Dassian’s Erik Hayes, VP of Solution Architecture, led a session allowing participants to take a deeper dive into the solutions implemented by Moog to explore not only the features and functionalities but also the business value gained by Moog as part of the solution offerings. 

Day 3: Emerging Technologies and AI Applications 

The final day was dedicated to a broader, future-centric approach to emerging technologies, with a special focus on artificial intelligence. Hosted by Gareth Heathridge, the CIO of Leonardo UK, the session explored Leonardo’s adoption of the cloud as part of Leonardo’s Future Factory initiative. The session also covered the strategic deployment of AI in various facets of government contracting, including Contract Management, Material Accounting, Program Management, and Managerial Accounting. 

Following the session with Mr. Hetheridge, Dassian hosted multiple workshops, exploring the business/IT value of machine learning/AI within federal contracting and the industry needs as part of Dassian’s solution development and future roadmap items. 

Event Summary

Dassian Presents 2024 was a successful three-day event focused on Dassian strategic solutions for SAP ERP integration and regulatory compliance in the government contracting sector. The event consisted of sessions on various aspects of the Six Common Business Systems, a customer success story with Moog, and a discussion on emerging technologies and AI applications. The sessions covered regulatory compliance and business imperatives serving as a critical touchpoint for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of government contracting requirements and explore advanced solutions for compliance and business optimization utilizing Dassian’s suite of solutions. 

To review showcase sessions, please click on this link and the Dassian team will arrange access.