Pillar: Program Management

Integrated Scheduling for a More Efficient Enterprise.

Our schedule integration solution lets you access real-time bi-directional data that is synchronized across your entire enterprise. With our solution’s universal view of technical performance, costs, and scheduling, you can enhance productivity by minimizing redundant data entry tasks and ultimately improve profitability. As part of our integrated solutions suite, the schedule integration solution integrates task and resource data across projects and your ERP systems. 

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Real-Time Data 

Information When You Need it to Enhance Planning. 

Our integrated scheduling solution eliminates the need for expensive and lengthy-to-install middleware. The Dassian schedule integration solution is integrated with SAP as well as the rest of our integration suite to form a single source of truth and to provide the scheduling data you need when you need it — immediate data for real-time planning and decision making. 

The Integrated Approach 

Holistic View of Resources, Tasks, and Scheduling.

With cumbersome legacy systems, managing projects across an enterprise can be a bear. But with Dassian’s integrated suite of solutions, including the integrated scheduling solution, you can see resources, tasks, and scheduling across your contracts. Our integrated scheduling solution lets you more efficiently plan and schedule not just one but all jobs. 

Improve Scheduling with Our Integrated Solution.

For best resource use, you need a scheduling solution that provides enterprise-wide, real-time data and scheduling capabilities. We can help. 

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