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Transforming the Aerospace and Defense/Government Contractor Industry.

Our history with government contracting and the aerospace and defense industry is deep. From the start, we’ve been helping these contractors meet strict requirements and security demands. Now, we’re the industry go-to for digital business transformation. 


A Focused Solution

Cross-Functional Integration Across Business Processes.

The federal contracting market is growing, with new players entering the market almost daily. To keep up, contractors need to adapt. Our end-to-end digital solutions for government contractors, aerospace, and defense companies can help you do just that. Based on a core ERP platform, our single digital thread leads to cross-functional integration across business processes. We eliminate portals and tighten security, so you can stop spending half your IT budget on security measures and focus on business transformation across your enterprise. 

Strict Government Requirements 

Improving Security and Information Flow for Better Operations.

On top of strict regulations and complex terms, government contracts require tracking and controls not common in many private-sector project agreements. Data deliverables related to accurate costing and property management can be challenging, particularly for contractors trying to work off outdated legacy systems. Instead of trying to improve an old brittle system, adopting our solutions suite will provide you with a singular digital thread throughout your business processes and contract lifecycles. This single source tightens security and provides improved data flow for better analysis, reporting, and decision making. 

Industry Focused

Meeting Government Demands with
Digital Business Transformation.

Transforming into a More Competitive Market Player

Leaving behind your legacy system and adopting Dassian’s suite of solutions with its singular digital thread will help you keep up with strict security and other requirements typical of government contracts. Our real-time data and tracking functions will allow you to provide the rigorous deliverables found in these contracts. With cross-functional business processes, you can transform your operations to thrive in the ever-expanding government sector. 

Better Data, More Opportunity

When you adopt the Dassian solutions suite, you can better track labor and other costs as well as property across a project and on a program level. Meeting the demands of government contracts becomes second nature, particularly with the improved data flow and security of our single digital thread. Transforming your business will lead to better project results and set you up to take advantage of future opportunities.

Optimize Your Government Contracts

Let Dassian transform your business through our single digital thread and cross-functional business process solutions. 

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Property Management

Tracking property across projects and through a contract lifecycle is often a requirement of working with the government. 

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