Dassian Presents

May 6-8 | 11am – 3pm EST

Introducing Dassian Presents: A three-day showcase event that provides current and emerging federal contractors across the government contracting sector the opportunity to explore the regulatory compliance challenges associated with government as part of their SAP ERP platform. Featuring keynote speakers, customer success stories, industry insights and breakout sessions, Dassian Presents will explore the government contracting eco-system—from partner channels and emerging technologies to the latest solution innovations.

Join us as we address the common whitespace challenges and help organizations navigate through the complexities and business benefits with industry standardized solutions across the SAP platform.

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Get ready for:

Day 1: Compliance and IT considerations for organizations
entering the federal market space

For commercial organizations looking to establish a foothold as federal contractors in the government contracting sector, Dassian Presents—in association with other industry leaders—will explore the approach and recommendations to help identify key considerations for both business and IT to adopt or expand a federal division as part of their overall organizational structure.

Day 2: Customer Success Story

Explore how Dassian Solutions address the common whitespace challenges, associated with the adoption and migration to S/4 HANA. Dassian’s customer success stories from keynote speakers will provide insight and guidance as to how Dassian supports leading Aerospace & Defense customers through the adoption and standardization of leading industry solutions to address their key business and IT challenges within their existing ERP landscape.

Day 3: The emergence of machine learning and AI within the federal market space

As more organizations look to establish a business strategy for their future adoption of AI, Dassian and one of our leading UK Aerospace and Defense customers will explore their business plan and approach in adopting emerging technologies across the organization as part of their future factory and business digital transformation initiative.

How Dassian can address your compliance challenges:

As a leading SAP Parter Edge solution provider for more than 20 years, Dassian has been at the forefront of delivering standardized, simplified and automated industry solutions that address the common DCMA and FARs/DFARs requirements associated with the aerospace and defense sector, as part of the client’s SAP ERP landscape. For further information, please contact Dassian to learn more about how we help address the common whitespace challenges associated with the common business system requirements.