Dassian Contract Management and Billing (CMB) for Federal Contractors

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IMG 2600For federal contractors operating in industries such as Aerospace and Defense, contracts are at the core of their relationships with customers. However, federal contractors are facing increasing pressure to meet stringent regulatory requirements while maintaining operational efficiency. Dispersed data sources, inefficient processes, and a lack of integration all lead to complexities and inaccuracies in contract management. As a result, federal contractors struggle to maintain compliance and transparency, risking penalties and operational inefficiencies: Challenges like finding skilled staff, ensuring quality while rapidly adding production infrastructure, and dealing with supply chain bottlenecks in the global marketplace, to name a few.

Solution: Streamlining Contract Management with Dassian

To streamline the complex contracting process requires a software-based, end-to-end system for handling, tracking, and automating the creation, negotiation, execution, and monitoring of all federal government contracts. Dassian offers a comprehensive suite of Contract Management and Billing (CMB) solutions designed specifically for federal contractors. By integrating seamlessly within the core SAP platform, Dassian provides a single real-time data source and system of record for all contract-related information, starting from the contract itself.

Additional benefits include:

Unified Data Source: Dassian’s integration with SAP ensures greater visibility and transparency in contract management. By consolidating program and contract data as the system of record, Dassian enables federal contractors to access and manage foundational contractual details in one centralized location.

Contract Flow Down: Dassian CMB simplifies the capture and flow down of contractual attributes, including FAR/DFAR clauses and packing requirements. With an easy-to-use Clause Library, Dassian CMB can acquire and maintain a multitude of contract attributes, assign them to the appropriate contract, and flow that information to ongoing objects such as Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Order, Production Orders, and Work Breakdown Structures (WBS). This enables federal contractors to ensure compliance and accuracy across various procurement processes.

Granular Compliance and Transparency: Dassian’s Contract Management solution enables federal contractors to meet the stringent requirements associated with federal contracts. By offering flexibility beyond commercial SAP modules, Dassian provides clients tools to maintain compliance at a level that exceeds industry standards.

Simplifying Complex Processes: The demand for standardization, simplification, and automation in contract management is growing. While many suppliers claim they provide comprehensive end-to-end contract lifecycle management suites, Dassian delivers on this promise by offering a foundational approach that governs contracts from award to closeout.

API Connectivity: With API connectivity, Dassian extends governance and control processes beyond the core ERP platform as part of the CLM design and workflow. This enables organizations to adapt and expand their contract management processes and capabilities, ensuring flexibility and scalability as their needs evolve.

Dassian Centric Billing: The ultimate goal of a government contractor is to deliver on their promise and appropriately invoice their customer in a timely manner, which is difficult to achieve with the core SAP billing functionality due to capability limitations and long run times. Utilizing our proprietary billing algorithms and rate applications, Dassian Centric Billing exponentially decreases billing run-times while ensuring accuracy for customer invoices.

By leveraging the power of SAP integration and focusing on the specific needs of the Aerospace and Defense industry, Dassian’s industry-specific solutions are setting a new standard for transparency, compliance, and efficiency in contract management. With Dassian, federal contractors can navigate the complexities of contract management with confidence, knowing they have the tools and support they need to succeed in a highly regulated environment. Click below to learn more.