Dassian Announces Expanded Industry Focus

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The COVID-19 pandemic is leading many companies around the world to adjust to a “new normal”. With this new normal comes a fundamental convergence and reshaping of markets. Dassian understands the challenges this will bring and has industry-focused, customer centric solutions that will continue to fuel innovation for its clients through the uncertain times ahead. With a current emphasis on solving complex business challenges in the areas of Contract Management, Managerial Accounting, Program Management, and Material Accounting, Dassian is expanding its client reach with renewed industry-focused content on its brand new website to showcase the company’s industry expertise in solving these business challenges.

“I am pleased to announce our expanded focus to support several additional project-centric industries extending beyond our Aerospace and Defense focus market,” commented Kevin Kane, CEO of the company. “With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the need for businesses to remain resilient and our goal is to provide extensive support to a much broader cross-industry segment who are seeking that business resiliency via entrance into the US federal contracting marketspace.”

“SAP NS2 looks forward to working with the Dassian team to leverage their proven value in the Aerospace & Defense space to extend to adjacent industries,” commented Steve Fehr, Sr. Vice President & GM, Product Management and Partner Operations at SAP NS2.

Dassian has also reengineered almost all of their solutions to take advantage of the SAP investment in front-ends/Fiori based user interfaces to drive greater automation through business process simplification. “Our customers no longer find it acceptable to check a list of fields and functions as a measure of a solutions capability. They are expecting the tools to aid them in management actions,  not  just decisions or evaluations,” says Dassian VP of Solution Architecture, Erik Hayes. “Dassian is leveraging Big Data provided by consistent and integrated solutions to drive Actionable Analytics.  These actions can be simple, or as complex as actions required to address risks and the impact on forecasted Revenue Recognition. Once the needed Actions are defined, it is critical to take immediate action by assigning and notifying the proper resources, and finally having the ability to follow up on the required actions until completed. Dassian’s new Control Centers are aimed at addressing these Actionable Analytics for each of our Solution Pillars.”

The Dassian team and their partner ecosystem look forward to working with clients in new industries and markets where their collective combination of experience, standardized solutions, and innovative focus can bring immense value, especially in these uncertain times.

Be sure to visit Dassian’s brand new website at to view the added solutions content as well as the strategic value Dassian solutions provide for various project-centric industries.

About Dassian
Dassian is a strategic SAP partner delivering ERP-based contract management, managerial accounting, integrated program management, and material accounting & logistics solutions for highly regulated and project-centric industries.

Dassian’s solutions provide extensive value to companies in their SAP S/4HANA adoption journey by replacing aging customized legacy solutions and manual processes with standard and fully supported SAP-certified solutions. Our solutions enable clients to migrate their environments while improving business processes and provide our clients a pathway to confidently maintain the upgrade agility and corresponding innovation benefits associated with the S/4HANA platform adoption.

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