Pillar: Managerial Accounting

Simple and Effective Labor Force Management.

Personnel management, as well as labor charging and expense authorization, across projects and departments can get tricky. With the workforce authorization management piece of Dassian’s integrated solutions suite, you can create flexible workgroups and personalized resource lists. as well as keep track of related time and expenses in real time and at a granular level. 

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Eliminate Mischarging Labor while Easily Identifying Cost Outliers. 

Our highly configurable workforce authorization management solution is designed to help identify and control exceptions, such as overtime. Forget the high cost of correcting labor mischarges. Accounting for employee time and expenses is simplified by our feature that limits what can be authorized by charge code. 

Travel Expenses 

Get Better Control Over Trip Expenses.

By utilizing our feature to pre-authorize charge codes by employee, you can eliminate mischarging travel and trip expenses. Travel time and expenses can be validated in real time, instead of weeks later. Our solution also helps you to avoid charging trip expenses to labor cost categories. 

An SAP-Integrated Workforce Management Solution.

As part of our overall integrated suite, our workforce authorization management solution helps you control time charges and travel expenses.

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