Pillar: Managerial Accounting

Meeting the Challenge of ASC 606 Revenue Recognition.

When your business is contract based, you are bound by accounting standards that require you to recognize revenue when performance obligations have been completed. In large public-sector contracts over multiple years and often with modifications, the terms can be complicated. Our suite’s results analysis processing solution ensures you are in compliance, and enables effective, integrated margin analysis. 

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Recognizing Revenue 

Enabling Compliance and Allowing for Adjustments. 

Within Dassian’s integrated suite is our results analysis processing solution. This solution enables compliance with the complexities of Accounting Standards Codification 606, from identifying performance obligations to determining when they have been met. Our solution allows for manual adjustments to calculations and captures justifications. 

Margin Analysis 

Capturing Customer Defined Characteristics.

Our results analysis processing solution helps you also assess the nature of costs of sales and appropriately recognize them as assets or expenses throughout contract completion. By capturing full revenue and costs of sales, our solution is able to accurately provide margin analysis by customer-defined characteristics. 

Calculating Complicated 606 Revenue and Providing Margin Analysis.

A brittle legacy system isn’t equipped to provide accurate margin analysis and meet complex 606 revenue recognition rules in real time. Our integrated suite can help. 

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