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Dassian supports two critical sub-segments for the Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) industry: OEM Research and Development (R&D) and Repair and Overhaul of complex major customer assets. OEM R&D is generally funded thru internal investment capital. Repair and Overhaul for customers of the OEM produced assets are supported by customer funding and contracts. R&D efforts for this industry may span period measured in years and are often managed as a complex project. The project provides critical and detailed project and managerial accounting business information to manage within established capital funding levels and timelines. Complex customer asset Repair and Overhaul efforts also demand rigid controls and tracking of the customer asset and its components for the duration of the repair and overhaul effort.
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Industry Need

Industrial Machinery & Component Challenges

IM&C OEM clients are faced with challenges associated with performing internal investment project work while identifying and adapting to risks that materialize during execution of the project given the unchartered nature of research and development activity.  In order to achieve these requirements, customers in this segment demand highly integrated project management systems with straightforward integrated risk management capability. The solution must be fully aligned with detailed managerial accounting and job costing systems to deliver valid forecasts and full cost transparency for the duration of each project. IM&C OEM’s also require capability to easily extend selected terms and conditions and engineering and quality assurance inspection requirements to their suppliers which are dependent on the type of commodity and/or material being procured. Customers in this segment require full actual cost transparency for the various variants of materials produced. This provides the ability to aggressively compete on price in the marketplace while providing confidence that margin targets can still be achieved. This industry requires the advanced system capabilities to be fully integrated with their foundational ERP system to assure timely, accurate and complete business information to support their needs to manage complex R&D capital projects and also support their customer asset repair and overhaul lines of business.

Our Solution

The Dassian Solution Portfolio

The integrated Dassian Solution portfolio is organized and described by four major business solution pillars – all of which extend and industrialize the SAP ERP digital core platform. OEM Research and Development and asset intensive Repair and Overhaul are supported by the full range of the Dassian solution portfolio within the market sector.

These four pillars provide solution capabilities to meet the above noted segment challenges through delivering the following capabilities:

  1. A robust Contracts Management solution enabling a flexible, automated capability to communicate critical, contractual business requirements with suppliers. Solution includes flexible data analytics to quickly respond to questions associated with terms and conditions as well as technical requirements levied upon your supplier base.     

  2. Managerial Accounting extensions to fulfill unique requirements associated with full-time labor accounting: detailed transparency and active management of complex Indirect Rates and associated base or pools of unique expenses, flexible and risk adjusted variable considerations percentage of completion based revenue accounting processes, capability to provide detailed belly button and element of expense controls to prevent erroneous charges per charge number. 

  3. A fully integrated and intuitive Program Management solution which supports project cost and resource integration across the enterprise. The intuitive and simplified user interface reduces time and effort to manage and control projects to fully support baseline planning, change management and Estimate at Completion (EAC) forecasting, offering powerful live, actionable data analytics. Solution provides a seamless integration to the SAP ERP Platform with popular non-SAP based scheduling tools to truly provide an INTEGRATED, not interfaced, Program Management System. 

  4. Material Accounting and Logistics Pillar is a potential Solution fit. This pillar includes a seamless extension to the SAP ERP system property management solution driven by natural ERP system transactions to ensure that all customer provided property is properly identified, tracked, managed and controlled in accordance with contractual specific bailments of such property. This pillar also includes a robust Material Accounting reporting and analytics capability to provide detailed historical parts costing of any level of the Bill of Material and simplify root cause analysis for any cost variances, target vs. actual cost. Solution provides unique capabilities to monitor and track dynamic changes to project/contract manufacturing costs due to MRP driven schedule changes and resulting cost shifts due to MRP soft pegging and other changes.

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