Pillar: Managerial Accounting

Tracking, Analyzing, and Controlling Your Indirect Costs.

Indirect costs allocation can make or break the profitability of your contract. The ability to easily track, allocate, plan, and analyze these costs is vital to project performance. The financial planning and analysis solution within Dassian’s integrated suite helps you take comprehensive control of indirect costs. With our tools, you can better approximate actual indirect expenses by project and use our actionable analytics to evaluate variances. 

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Gaining Control 

Allocating Actual Indirect Costs by Project. 

With Dassian’s financial planning and analysis solution, you can gain detailed insight into indirect costs, allowing for better control and allocation by project. Instead of guesstimates, our solution helps you to establish actual indirect costs. You can then use these accurate real-time figures to compare with forecasts, evaluate project performance, and better project costs for future years as well as for bids. 

Enhanced Forecasting, Evaluation for Better Contract Performance.

When you compare actual indirect costs with your operating plan, you can identify variances, address them, and then forecast future performance. Using Dassian’s risk register utility tool, which is integrated with our financial planning and analysis solution, you can then capture and mitigate any high-risk variances. 

Perfecting Indirect Cost Allocation.

To run a successful project, you need actual indirect costs rather than guesstimates. The financial planning and analysis solution within our integrated suite can help. 

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