Planning, Monitoring & Controlling Your Indirect Costs

​​Project management principles focus on managing direct costs and labor to a project. Dassian’s Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) brings industry best practices in project management to indirect costs. Proper planning, change management, performance evaluation, forecasting, and reporting all come together to assist your company in controlling project indirect costs.

Where your company has compliance requirement to report on your efforts to control indirect costs, the Dassian tools provide Incurred Cost Reporting for Schedules A-H for US Government reporting.

The Business Benefits 

  • Actionable Analytics and Predictive Analytics provide insight into indirect cost variances

  • Integration with Risk Register allows high risk variances to be captured, planned, and managed for mitigation

  • Performance criteria support measurement against plan providing for forecast adjustments based on historic performance

  • Common Indirect Cost determination means consistency across the SAP applications and landscape

Compliance Benefits 

  • Incurred Cost Submission Schedules (A-H) linked to accounting system of record are fully auditable to the transaction level of detail

  • Compliance complexity reduced when multiple Divisions cross charge directly or share some burden centers such as Common General & Administration or Common Fringe Expenses

  • Compliance is supported for FAR 52.216-7d (Final Indirect Cost Rates)

  • Monthly historic snapshots provide past audit history

IT Benefits  

  • Solution is master data driven by the end customer limiting

       impacts to IT

  • Solution is delivered as a product and maintained thru each SAP upgrade

  • Native HANA  application leveraging the in-memory features of Hana with Core Data Services (CDS views)

  •  OData services for ad-hoc reporting is provided

At a Glance

Product Name

Financial Planning & Analysis

Product Code


Key Features

  • Integrated Corporate Department Cost Planning in SAP

  • Integrated contract backlog forecast in SAP

  • Incurred Cost Submission Schedules A-H

  • Calculates current year burden rates on a monthly basis allowing a true-up of project rates as needed

  • Analyze direct and indirect rates for both prior and current year activity

  • Enables monthly reporting of ICS schedules to monitor the health of your business

  • Provides for schedule adjusting entries

  • Audit and reconciliation reporting included

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