Planning, Monitoring & Controlling Your Indirect Costs

Pillar: Managerial Accounting

Project management principles focus on managing costs charged directly to a project. However, typically the majority of total project costs are charged as indirect/allocations. Dassian’s FPA provides project managers and controllers detail insights into actual indirect cost performance enabling a more comprehensive control of all project costs (direct/indirect).  Proper planning, change management, performance evaluation, forecasting, and reporting all come together to assist your company in controlling project indirect costs.

Business Benefits

  • Actionable Analytics provide insight into indirect cost variances both actual and forecast

  • Integration with Dassian Risk Register Utility allows high risk variances to be captured, planned, and managed for mitigation

  • Performance criteria support measurement against operating plan indirect costs providing for forecast adjustments based on current (YTD) performance

  • Dassian FPA solution defines your base/pool cost accounting structures, enabling real-time analysis of your indirect rates, which can then be leveraged across the entire SAP® ERP system


IT Benefits

  • Runs on and seamlessly integrates with SAP® ECC or SAP® S/4HANA with no additional hardware requirements

  • Conforms to SAP® development standards

  • Fully supported, low-risk solution with lower total cost of ownership than custom development


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