Pillar: Contract Management

A Better and Faster Billing Process for Complex Contracts.

Designed to handle complex contracts with complicated invoicing requirements, the contracts and project billing portion of our integrated solution suite simplifies and speeds up project-based billing. Our real-time and accurate invoicing enables increased cash flow for both your project and your company, as well as provides better data for analyzing contract performance. 

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Flexible Billing 

Your Solution to Complicated Invoicing Issues. 

When you’re working in the public sector or an adjacent industry, you’re dealing with complex, multi-year projects that are often subject to modifications. Our contract and project billing solution is specifically designed to handle cost-reimbursable, time-and-materials, and other flexibly priced contracts, resulting in fewer errors and faster invoicing. It also allows you to select, isolate, and hold invoices for disputable project costs. 

Better Data 

Automated Reporting and Tracking to Analyze Performance.

With Dassian, you get automated billing backup and inception-to-date reporting. Along with system controls and alerts, these capabilities can lead to improved days sales outstanding, fewer customer questions, and better analysis of performance-to-date against funding. This solution also includes complex contract modification tracking and reporting capabilities. 

The Answer to Invoicing Woes.

If you want faster invoicing, improved cash flow, and better data, contact us today about our integrated solutions suite. 

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