Pillar: Contract Management

Better Information Flow to Both Suppliers and the Shop Floor.

The contract flow down portion of Dassian’s integrated solution suite is designed to improve the information flow throughout your organization. Critical data can be more efficiently communicated to both suppliers and downstream production processes with our flexible and automated solution. Top-level performance depends on accurate and real-time information flow. Our solution sets you up for that with effective and efficient end-to-end communication. 

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Supplier Connection 

Real-Time Communication so You Can Meet Critical Requirements. 

Our contract flow down solution automatically provides critical contract conditions to suppliers. The solution has a flexible and simple method for sharing parts and material requirements, particularly related to quality inspection and engineering constraints. Our information flow down solution is also fully integrated with SAP’s purchasing application. 

Flexible Analytics 

Data Gets to the Right People at the Right Time.

No more lost time searching for answers to supplier questions about contract terms and conditions or technical requirements. As part of our integrated solutions suite with its single digital thread, the contract flow down solution leads to better, real-time data getting immediately where it needs to be.  

Data Transmission that Transforms Your Operations.

Your suppliers and your shop floor need contract and materials data now. Our integrated solutions suite is the answer to better communication.

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