Actual employee level labor cost charging for associated wages and fringe/premium type expenses

Pillar: Managerial Accounting

Tracking and recording "Actual" employee-level labor costs is a common practice applied by companies who provide services.  Such companies prefer to have employee specific payroll expenses allocated to the charge number objects recorded by the employees via their labor distribution process.  Dassian ALC extends SAP® functionality, recording an "Actual" employee level rate on each charge number object recorded during the payroll period.  This employee actual rate can include both direct labor charges as well as associated fringe charges segregated thru different elements of cost.

Dassian ALC installs into and extends your SAP® ERP system landscape seamlessly like any other SAP® functionality, eliminating the need for complicated, error-prone spreadsheets or interfaces to an external system.

Business Benefits

  • Records actual labor costs by employee, day, and end cost objective
    Improves operational efficiency, eliminates ‘guesstimate’ pricing models, and achieve more accurate bids

  • Improves your bottom line with actual profitability via true actual employee level labor costs

  • Segregates premium charges like overtime so they can be reclaimed and billed to clients in accordance with specific requirements

  • Enables companies to deliver a total-time labor accounting solution where all hours worked are recorded and valued including uncompensated overtime hours for salaried personnel

  • Flexible to allow clients to support specific contracts which require paying minimum prevailing wages by job category as well as contract-specific labor & burden rates, and country-specific rules

  • Fully supports retroactive payroll changes, off-cycle payroll, delivering associated adjustments

  • Provides detailed reconciliation reporting capability to ensure all payroll expenses by employee are fully allocated and absorbed in direct proportion with time-card charge number objects charge during payroll period

  • Solution delivers flexibility to function with both non-SAP® and SAP® based payroll systems


IT Benefits

  • Runs on and seamlessly integrates with SAP® ECC or SAP® S/4HANA with no additional hardware requirements

  • Conforms to SAP® development standards

  • Fully supported, low-risk solution with lower total cost of ownership than custom development


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