Let’s Unleash Your Digital Business Transformation.

We provide end-to-end solutions for transforming your business and centering your processes around a singular digital thread.

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Integration in Action

Discover what happens when you transform your siloed applications, processes and departments into a truly holistic system. 

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Certified SAP Partner. 

Our Solutions Take Your SAP Investment to the Next Level.

If SAP is your engine, think of us as a turbocharger. We take the nuts and bolts of your ERP system and leverage them to create a more efficient, data-driven, and value-focused business operation. Good-bye to your old, brittle legacy system. Hello to a single digital thread running through business processes and creating cross-functional integration.  

Industry Focused. 

A Smart Change for a Better Future.

For years, Dassian has been the go-to solutions provider for highly regulated and project-centric businesses. We understand the intricacies of complex government contracts and the profitability challenges of project-based work. Old business models won’t work in this fast-paced, digital world. We can help you remodel your business to take advantage of new opportunities. 

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From RFP to Contract

End-to-End Business Transformation.

It’s not just about the digital technology. It’s about transforming your business into an agile, market-ready player. The federal contracting and tandem industry markets are growing rapidly – with new players and new opportunities. Dassian solutions are designed to transform your company so it can rapidly respond to changes and go further faster.

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Contract Management

Managerial Accounting

Program Management

Material Accounting & Logistics

Partnered with SAP and Microsoft Azure.

Value for Our Clients. 

Exploiting Technology to Create Your New Digital Business Model.

Public Sector and Adjacent Industries.

To play in today’s public sector market, a singular, secure digital thread is necessary as well as a business model that utilizes real-time information to make efficient, cost-effective business decisions. We specialize in business transformation in these industries:   

  • Government Contractor / Aerospace & Defense (Military Supplier 
  • Aerospace & Defense (Commercial) 
  • Defense 
  • Federal Civilian Agencies / R&D Labs 
  • State & Local Governments / Higher Education 
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Project-Centric and Service Industries

Many of the business issues encountered in working as a government contractor also hold true in project-based work. We provide business transformation services to these industries: 

  • Engineering, Construction & Operations 
  • Service Providers 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Life Sciences 
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The Guidance Board

We stay on top of digital business transformation and regularly engage with industry and thought leaders through our Guidance Board of 35 Fortune 500 executives. We harness their ideas and feedback so that we and you stay at the cutting edge.

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