Simple and effective SAP®-based labor resource management

Pillar: Managerial Accounting

Dassian WAM helps you manage personnel and authorize labor charging and travel expense assignments at granular levels within your SAP® environment.

Flexible workgroups allow project and department managers to work from personalized resource lists. Personnel authorization for time and expense entry is as easy as drag and drop. WAM validates their time charges and travel expenses in real-time. You can also use this highly configurable solution to control exceptions such as overtime by validating absence and attendance types.

Business Benefits

  • Simplifies time and expense entry by limiting available options to authorized charge codes

  • Eliminates labor mischarging thru pre-approval of resources aligned to charge codes

  • Provides granular control capability to limit specific period of performance and maximum hours permitted by resource for each charge number

  • Eliminates travel and trip expense mischarging

  • Prevents unwanted travel and expense charging on labor-only final cost objectives

  • Reduces the high cost of correcting labor postings
    Increases cash flow with more accurate and timely billing


IT Benefits

  • Runs on and seamlessly integrates with SAP® ECC or SAP® S/4HANA with no additional hardware requirements

  • Conforms to SAP® development standards

  • Fully supported, low-risk solution with lower total cost of ownership than custom development


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