Simple & Effective SAP-Based Labor Resource Management

Dassian WAM helps you manage personnel and authorize labor charging and travel expense assignments in your SAP® environment, without using SAP HR or cost center organizational assignments.

Flexible workgroups allow project and department managers to work from personalized resource lists. Personnel authorization for time and expense entry is as easy as drag and drop. WAM validates their time charges and travel expenses in real-time. You can also use this highly configurable solution to control exceptions such as overtime by validating absence and attendance types. WAM can be used on a subset of your company’s labor activities or applied to all time charging.

Key Benefits​​

  • Simplifies time and expense entry by limiting available options to authorized charge codes

  • Eliminates labor mischarging

  • Enables a work authorization process that complies with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements

  • Extends SAP timesheet change log reporting to track every change to the timesheet and display it as its own record

  • Eliminates the need for custom development to meet complex requirements

  • Works with SAP Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) and third-party time entry tools

Key Features​​

  • Role-based workbench for resource assignment, planning, time entry validation and enablement

  • Workbench can be accessed from the Fiori launchpad

  • Resource assignment at parent-level project level to allow charging to child-level objects

  • SAP CATS worklist and search limited to assigned cost objectives

  • Limits for activity types assigned to the employee to control types of costs on the project

  • Dynamic reporting and viewing of resource assignments in employee, manager, and project views

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