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The Dassian defined market segment State and Local/Higher Education Research includes the subsegments Higher Education Applied Research and Sponsored Programs coupled with State and Local Agency organizations chartered with delivering major capital projects including infrastructure and major asset-intensive maintenance type programs. These organizations are chartered with managing substantial projects/contracts/grants for large-scale agencies and field research and development as well as other project-based operations management. These organizations are also chartered with ensuring proper controls for appropriation and expenditure of funding allocated for such programs through contracts and/or grants and internal agency delivered projects. The administration of these projects/grants/contracts often require detailed requirements associated with project/job costing restrictions and corresponding audit provisions related to charging for both project direct cost (labor and material) as well as indirect expenses. Further these organizations require tracking and controls for several classes of real and personal property to ensure such property is properly accounted for in accordance with the bailment for which the property was initially provided. Higher Education Research organizations receive US Federal contracts/grants which require similar very complex regulatory requirements for contract administration and accounting system requirements akin to other large US Government suppliers. Please visit our Government Contractor cross-industry page for an overview of how Dassian solutions enable this critical Industry segment. 


These market segments often demand flexible and integrated solutions within their ERP environment to manage complex schedules of major capital asset programs (i.e. Infrastructure projects). University sponsored programs and affiliated research organizations require the ability to receive and comply with US Federal Business System requirements related to invoicing for flexibly priced contracts as well as meeting complex managerial accounting system requirements to collect “Actual Costs” to projects in a full cost absorption accounting system. 


The entire Dassian solution portfolio totaling ten applications is relevant to support this market segment characterized by specific business system requirements driven by Federal, State and Local statutes and/or regulations. The solution portfolio, while integrated, is organized and described by four major business solution pillars – all of which extend and industrialize the SAP ERP digital core platform.

These four pillars provide solution capabilities to meet the above noted segment challenges delivering the following capabilities:

  1. A robust Contract Management and Billing solution that offers flexibility in complex invoicing including automated management and transparency of the flow down of a supplier’s prime contract clauses. (State Local & Education) & (Higher Education – Applied Research & Sponsored Programs)

  2. Managerial Accounting extensions to manage unique requirements associated with full-time Labor Accounting: detailed transparency and active management of complex Indirect Rates and associated base or pools of unique expenses, flexible and risk adjusted variable considerations percentage of completion-based revenue accounting processes, capability to provide detailed belly button and element of expense controls to prevent erroneous charges per charge number. Actionable analytics provide insight into indirect cost variances both actual and forecast, enabling real-time analysis of your indirect rates, which can be leveraged across the entire SAP® ERP system (State Local & Education) & (Higher Education – Applied Research & Sponsored Programs)    

  3. A fully integrated and intuitive Program Management solution with capability to manage large capital projects as well as non-recurring design/development type projects. Solution provides a seamless integration to the SAP ERP Platform with popular non-SAP based scheduling tools to truly provide an INTEGRATED, not interfaced, Program Management System. (State Local & Education) & (Higher Education – Applied Research & Sponsored Programs)    

  4. Material Accounting and Logistics Pillar includes a seamless extension to the SAP ERP system property management solution driven by natural ERP system transactions to ensure that all customer provided property is properly identified, tracked, managed and controlled in accordance with contractual specific bailments of such property.  (Higher Education – Applied Research & Sponsored Programs)