COVID-19 Impact – How to Enter the U.S. Federal Contracting Marketspace to Provide Business Resiliency

An ASUG Webcast Presented by Dassian, PwC, SAP NS2 & Microsoft Azure

As uncertainty surrounds the commercial sector, organizations are rethinking business strategies and taking a closer look at public sector markets. This shift for balancing the customer portfolio between public sector and commercial clients requires different considerations to enter and expand sales motions that adequately serve this unique customer segment in a compliant manner.

Despite the recent downturn because of COVID-19, U.S. Federal, State & Local Government Markets continue to remain resilient.  Now more than ever, the public sector is looking to non-traditional contractors to provide innovative solutions that drive technological advancement. For those looking to secure a position within the federal market space, understanding the go-to-market strategies, required compliance capabilities, and operating model implications are key. These understandings not only address the needs associated with federal mandatory requirements but will provide insight as how to increase functional capabilities without impacting existing capabilities within the SAP ERP environment.

This ASUG webcast will breakdown go-to-market options for the public sector and practical steps to evaluate compliance and technology capability needs, including “cyber hygiene”. The conversation will include real life customer experiences to establish how your business can find resiliency by shifting focus to the increasing demand within the federal market space. We will show you how to make the most of your current SAP investment to win in this unique marketspace.

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Cloud Architect, Microsoft Azure's Engineering for Specialized Workloads

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