Managing Property From Acquisition To Disposition

Dassian’s Government Property Management solution (GPM) enables SAP Customers to leverage their investment by taking advantage of all the essential integration points to create an automated property record. Data capture for Government/Customer property processing  such as reports, change history, links to contract, purchase order, production order, and maintenance orders eliminates most of the double entry of information.

The Business Benefits

  • Provides a complete enterprise property management solution in SAP for governments, commercial and capital asset management:

  • Supporting contract, procurement, manufacturing and maintenance integration across the organization to provide a single source of truth for property management

  • Improving productivity through minimized redundant data entry

  • Enhancing data quality management and integrity by leveraging real-time integration with SAP, reducing pain of audits

  • Increasing return on investment for current software architecture (no extra hardware or interfaces  and robust SAP security built-in)

Compliance Benefits

Complete Property Lifecycle Documentation from Acquisition to Closeout.

  • Provides complete traceability & transparency

  • Eliminates double data entries

  • Improves field accuracy through automatic data population and input validation

  • Provides real-time visibility into contracts, purchase orders, good movements, orders, history and so forth

  • Enables compliance to Department of Defense requirements (FARS/DFARS 52.245*)

  • Supports a path towards ISO-55000 compliance for Asset Management compliance

At a Glance

Product Name

Property Management

Product Code


  • Provides full disposition processing and tracking for submitting to Plant Clearance Automated Re-utilization Screening System (PCARRS) or others

  • Enables a single source for creation of standard operating procedures required by FAR/DFAR/Customer.

  • Transparency through access to all the property management information for all types of reporting based on real-time information 

  • Actionable Analytics and Predictive Analytics provide insight into physical inventory requirements

  • Change tracking and change history provides for easily accessible review  - know who did what and when

IT Benefits 

  • Solution is master data driven reducing requirements on IT assistance

  • Solution is delivered as a product and maintained through each SAP upgrade

  • Native HANA application leveraging the in-memory features of Hana with Core Data

  • Services (CDS views)

  • Ability to extend solution to different countries and different government requirements.

  • Preconfigured solution that can be implemented in existing SAP environments without extensive costs and efforts.

  • Future-proofed solution as it evolves as the government requirements change

Key Features 

  • Offers a Complete Government Property solution which can be implemented quickly

  • Enables best practice processes for government contractors to drive efficiency, automation and compliance

  • Enable a single source of the truth, leveraging the power of SAP HANA

  • Simplifies property audits and enables our customers to pass them with confidence

  • Accelerates user adoption with built-in end-user training

  • Leverages existing investments in SAP including SAP ECC, SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA

  • Solution updates to meet ongoing compliance requirements

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