Automated Contract Information Flow Down To Your Vendors

All prime contracts, subcontracts, and purchase orders in support of an authorized U.S. defense program are given a Defense Priorities & Allocations System (DPAS) rating. Government contractors are required to "flow down" contract data and clauses throughout the supply chain to subcontractors, vendors, and production control per DPAS regulations. Manufacturers and suppliers who receive priority-rated orders must align supply to be compliant with DPAS. The same is true for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) priority in the aviation industry.

Dassian Contract Flow Down enables automated flow down of contract information throughout your organization, down to the shop floor, and out to your vendors. Reporting capability is included for a complete, SAP®-based solution.

Key Benefits​​

  • Prevents loss of contract revenue resulting from corrective actions imposed for DPAS violations

  • Eliminates the costly effort of manually flowing down information and preparing associated audit reports

  • Enables compliance with U.S. government contract flow down requirements

  • Provides audit reports showing flow down pegging history against associated contract demand

  • Facilitates capturing and reporting of customer-defined contract-specific data without modifications or enhancements to SAP applications

  • Eliminates the need for custom development to meet complex requirements

Key Features

  • Automated flow down of contract information to follow-on objects/documents

  • Applicable to all valuation types where demand originates from a sales document

  • Pegging of the contract demand to all replenishment objects in the entire bill of material

  • Hard pegging of contract requirements to purchase orders and production orders so pegging doesn’t change due to Material Requirements Planning (MRP) updates

  • Static pegging history for reporting and audit purposes

  • Flow down data via standard report with flexible selection parameters

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