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The Defense market industry includes Headquarters and Buying Activity groups and Logistics and Supply operations focused organizations.  These organizations are chartered with managing large scale project for highly complex depot and arsenal repair and overhaul of Military equipment. The Defense industry requires tracking and controls for several classes of real and personal property to ensure such property is controlled in accordance with Federal regulations governing property management.  


This segment demands flexible and integrated solutions within their ERP environment to manage complex schedules of selected restricted major military asset availabilities as well as complex, multi-year depot level overhaul of such assets. Customers in this segment need to efficiently manage projects to perform major asset overhaul and repair type operations to comply with statutes and regulations driven by the Government Performance and Results Act and Federal Capital (Project) Programming Guide.   Further, organizations in this segment are subject to internal government audits to ensure all military property and inventory is appropriately accounted for and controlled in accordance with Federal, Defense regulatory and statutory requirements.    


The integrated Dassian Solution portfolio is organized and described by four major business solution pillars - all of which extend and industrialize the SAP ERP digital core platform. For Military Services HQ / Field Organizations and Logistic / Supply Organizations, two Dassian solution pillars support the market sector. 

These two pillars provide solution capabilities to meet the above noted segment challenges through delivering the following capabilities: 

  1. A fully integrated Earned Value based Program Management solution whose intuitive and simplified user interface reduces time and effort to manage and control projects. The solution fully supports baseline planning, change management and Estimate at Completion (EAC) forecasting and offers powerful live data analytics. Pillar solutions provide a seamless integration to the SAP ERP Platform with popular non-SAP based scheduling tools to truly provide an INTEGRATED, not interfaced, Program Management System. 

  2. Material Accounting and Logistics Pillar includes a seamless extension to the SAP ERP system property management solution driven by native ERP system transactions. The solutions ensure that all government property is properly identified, tracked, managed and controlled in accordance with the specific restrictions and usage of such property.  his pillar also includes a robust Material Accounting reporting and analytics capability to provide detailed historical parts costing of any level of the Bill of Material. Solution provides unique capabilities to monitor and track dynamic changes to project/contract manufacturing costs due to MRP driven schedule changes and resulting cost shifts due to MRP soft pegging and other changes. This historical Material Accounting forms the basis of estimate for part level budgets for Earned Value and to project future year budgets and estimates for programmed repair and overhaul activities.