PRESS RELEASE | May 17th, 2019

Dassian/Encore Analytics/Humphreys & Associates Partnership Yields Optimized Program Performance & Reporting Through Configurable Business Processes With Aligned Technology. 




MAY 17th, 2019.


ATLANTA, May 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dassian/Encore Analytic/Humphreys & Associates announced today that the integration between Dassian Programs Plans & Controls (PPC) module and Encore's analytical tool, Empower, has been significantly enhanced, which provides the opportunity for improved Program performance and compliance. Dassian's PPC solution now supports the Empower-optimized file exchange format, which is not only twenty-times more efficient than the prior XML formats, but includes an extended data set to support data-driven audit metrics for government agencies such as DCMA, NASA and DOE's PM-30. This technology co-innovation, along with Humphreys' business and compliance expertise, further enables the SAP® platform to provide additional capabilities for commercial and defense program-centric businesses.

Kevin Kane, CEO of Dassian Strategic Solutions, provided this feedback regarding the value of the partnership: "I am very excited about this partnership between Dassian, Encore Analytics and Humphreys & Associates. Collectively, our organizations provide the opportunity for companies to create innovative Integrated Program Management business solutions leveraging the wealth of planning, scheduling, accounting, procurement, production and other subsystem real-time information directly resident in the operational ERP system. Further, this partnership permits SAP® ERP customers the opportunity to realize these business processes with world class fit for purpose-built Program Management analytics seamlessly integrated with the Dassian solution by the Encore Analytics team. We look forward to our clients exploring the inherent benefits of this new relationship leveraging the business and technology capabilities of this team to design solutions for integrated program management directly from their operational management systems, providing a foundation for PMs, CAMs, Program Analysts, End Customers, Compliance organizations and other stakeholders to deliver day-to-day operational management processes using a single current and consistent set of business information."

Gary Troop, President of Encore Analytics, stated, "This enhanced integration will allow our mutual customers to significantly accelerate their monthly business rhythm for program/project analysis and reporting. It will also allow them to routinely and consistently review and improve the quality of their data. Control Account Managers (CAMs) will have instant access to their performance data, insight into potential quality issues and the ability to quickly communicate variance analysis and corrective actions. Further, compliance managers will have all the audit metrics at their fingertips for projects and portfolios with complete trend data to communicate data quality status with their customers."

Gary Humphreys, President of Humphreys & Associates, stated, "We help organizations make the best use of their enhanced software because we document how more cost effective processes evolve within an organization. The opportunity to use our training, project management system design and implementation expertise in conjunction with the Dassian and Empower toolsets will provide an excellent one stop shop for organizations involved in project management."


Please join us at EVM World 2019 to discuss our new partnership and your new business capabilities and synergies we can enable.


About Dassian 

Dassian is an international company and  SAP partner delivering ERP based cost management, contract management, and integrated program management solutions for highly regulated and project-centric industries.


About Encore Analytics, LLC 

Encore Analytics, LLC is a veteran-owned small business located in Tacoma, WA. It specializes in analytical tools related to program/project performance management and streamlining the business rhythm associated with project management. Encore Analytics enjoys a wide range of customers including federal agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions.


About Humphreys & Associates 

Humphreys & Associates is the established leader in earned value management consulting and training. H&A has provided EVMS consulting services to over 850 companies and government agencies worldwide and we have trained over 900,000 individuals at all EVMS functional and management levels.


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