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Do you have custom code that is reaching its end of life?  Unable to find a solution with off the shelf software?

Co-innovation could be the answer.  Industry leaders know the challenges of developing software in-house to meeting the evolving needs of their businesses.  ​


Dassian offers a unique combination of best practice solutions, deep industry knowledge, and development expertise that can provide a complete solution for your business challenges. ​


Co-innovation is a partnership with Dassian that provides guidance through the development process with a collaborative project structure, providing oversight and stability.  Following an agile methodology with a design-thinking approach, Dassian can take you through discovery, iterative development cycles, production deployment, and ongoing support.


Leverage your SAP investment​

We partner with our clients to build end-to-end solutions that retires or eliminates the need for costly and unsustainable custom code.​

Utilize agile processes for development best practices​

Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers through early and continuous delivery of valuable, high-quality software.​


Manage value-based project milestones​

Collaborate in sprints to create a solution design that prioritizes business needs and maximizes value


Sustainable Certified Solution

Unified Enterprise System

Retirement of Costly Custom Tools

Acceleration of Product Releases

Fully Supported Solution


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