Tracking and recording true actual labor cost is a daunting task faced by companies that must comply with US federal and local regulatory requirements. Dassian ALC augments SAP® functionality, recording an "Actual" rate on the final cost objective. This rate can include both base labor and associated fringes on separate elements of cost.

Dassian ALC installs into your SAP landscape like any other SAP functionality, without complicated, error-prone spreadsheets or interfaces to an external system. ALC lets you capture, calculate, and post all elements of labor over the actual hours worked on the final cost objective.

The actual labor cost and original work date of the labor charge are maintained on the end cost objective – even after retroactive payroll changes or off-cycle payroll adjustments. The ALC work date field is available in billing and other sub-processes. This highly-configurable functionality provides you with the solution to handle actual labor across varying contractual requirements.

Key Benefits​​

  • Shows you actual labor costs by employee, by day, and by end cost objective

  • Improves operational efficiency, eliminate ‘guesstimate’ pricing models, and achieve more accurate bids

  • Facilitates total time accounting

  • Enables full compliance with the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act (SCA), Project Labor Agreements (PLA), state prevailing wage laws, contract-specific labor & burden rates, and country-specific rules

  • Runs on and seamlessly integrates with SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA with no additional hardware requirements

  • Conforms to SAP development standards

Key Features

  • Total time accounting for salary, hourly, and contractor personnel

  • Cost distribution based on actual SAP or third party payroll and changes from retroactive payroll and off-cycle payroll

  • Flexible labor cost distribution

  • Out-of-the-box reconciliation reporting with person-level labor cost distribution validation

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Actual Labour  

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Actual Labor Costing For Recurring & Non-Recurring Labor

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