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"SAP White Papers from Dassian offers extensive expertise in SAP Project Management, SAP Government Solutions, Contract Management, and Cost Management. Within our documents, we provide thought leadership and design for SAP's product roadmap. We have a very experienced and detailed knowledge of US Government Compliance, Project Management, Earned Value Management and Cost Accounting Standards Compliance. Each document listed describes the very best practices and approaches." -

Simon Pugsley
Dassian - CTO

GOVCON White Paper

Learn about how the Dassian GOVCON All-in-One SAP Partner Solution can help your govenrment contracting business.
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SAP Solutions for Government Contracting in Aerospace and Defense

20% reduction in compliance costs with solutions that can help optimize operations with compliance in mind.  These solutions enable contractors
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Flex Rates for US Federal Contracting Indirect Rate Management

This document will cover the ability to maintain different sets of overhead rates which can be used to analyze the
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SAP Project Management (Project Builder)

Project Builder is the primary entry point for performing Project Management in SAP. It is a very large and complex
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Compliant EVMS in SAP

SAP by definition is an ERP system, which means all data and processes, which the customer has residing in SAP
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Contracts and Billing using SAP AOPB

This document will cover the usage of standard AOPB to manage and bill Cost Type contracts. The following broad topics
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SAP Project Procurement

PROMAN transaction CNMM is the answer to Project Procurement Management in SAP. This functionality is available via a Note starting at
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Resource Related Billing Configuration

Resource Related Billing (RRB) is the SAP term for its functionality whereby billings can be generated based upon the resources
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